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Jonah and the Whale Bible Story

The Boy who was Chicken

Picture 1-Draw a chicken

Picture 2-Turn chicken upside down

Picture 3-Draw face of happy boy

(The story is of a boy who was afraid like a chicken.  Always getting into trouble because he followed the bad kids.  One day he heard about Jesus, and how he died for his sins, and the boy gave his heart to Jesus, and now he was not a chicken anymore.  He told the kids he was not going to do bad things anymore because he had Jesus in his heart.)


Butchy the Mean Little Kid

(Picture one-Butchy was a mean boy, especially at school.  He would make fun of the younger children especially the girls.  One girl he picked on a lot, was a girl named Sally.  She was a Christian, and tried to be kind to everyone, but it was very hard to be kind to Butchy, because he was always calling her names, and teasing her.   It was like there was a dark cloud ever his head.  Butchy's father and mother were killed in a car accident, and he had to go and live with his grandfather, who was not a very nice person, and he treated Butchy badly.  Picture two-The real reason Butchy was so mean, was because he had a broken heart.  Sally's father and mother told her that there was a boy  named Butchy, at school, who had no place to live, as his grandfather could not look after him anymore, and they felt that God wanted them to bring him to live with them.  Oh no not Butchy Sally said.  He is the meanest boy in school, and he treats me badly.  Mom said that they really feel that God wants us to take him in.  We will pray that God will help you to forgive him, and be as kind to him as you can.  It was hard, but God did help Sally to be kind to him.  One day Sally got very sick, and the doctor came to the house to see Sally.  Picture three-When the doctor was leaving, Sally heard Butchy ask the doctor a questions.  He said is my sister going to die.  He had never called her his sister today, and he really seemed upset.  The doctor said that Sally was going to be ok, and needed lots of rest.  When the doctor left, Sally heard her bedroom door open, and knew it was Butchy.  She pretended to be asleep.  Butchy put something on her bed, and then left her bedroom.  She opened her eyes and could not believe what she say.  It was Butchy's Teddy bear.  Many times she heard Butchy talking to his teddy bear, when he thought no one could hear him, and his teddy bear meant the world to him.  Sally could tell there was a change in Butchy, and sure enough.  Picture four-Butchy was a changed boy.  He had asked her father to pray with him to receive Jesus into his heart, because of all the love he felt in their home.  Sally was so glad that she had been kind to Butchy even when it was hard.  They became a wonderful Christian home, and Butchy was a very happy boy.

Sally's Hatred

Picture 1-Draw Sally praying
Picture 2-Draw a cloud between Sally and Jesus
Picture 3-Erase the cloud

Story-Sally loved Jesus with all her heart, and prayed every night.  But one day a boy at school started being mean to Sally, and she could feel hatred in her heart against that boy.  Now when Sally tries to pray, it is like a dark cloud is between her and Jesus.  She does not feel close to God anymore.  She knows it is because of the hatred in her heart, but the boy is so mean, that she can't stop hating him.  She really missed feeling close to Jesus, but she just could not let go of the hatred.  Then one day at Sunday school her teaher talked about how Jesus forgave us from our sins, and we need to forgive others.  That night Sally prayed to Jesus and asked Him to help her to forgive that boy, because Jesus had forgiven her for all her sins. All of a sudden the hatred left her heart and she now felt close to Jesus again. 

Be An Owl, Not A Duck

Picture 1- Draw an owl
Picture 2-Write the memory verse at the bottom.
Picture 3-Turn the owl upside down and draw a duck.

Talk about an owl being watchful, and wise.  They are always watching.  We are suppose to be watching for Jesus to come back for us.  Turn owl upside down and draw the body of the duck, and talk about how the duck is always quacking and hanging around other ducks, and following the crowd.  We need to be like the owl, not the duck.

Bible Story of Zacchaeus

Picture 1- Draw the people in Jericho waiting for Jesus.  Picture 2-  Draw Jesus with the people following Him.  Picture 3-Draw a tree with Zacchaeus in the tree.  Picture 4- Jesus telling Zacchaeus to come down.

God's Love is Like a Circle

Picture 1-Adam and Eve walked with God in the garden.  Picture 2-Until sin came into their hearts by disobeying God.  Picture 3-That is when sin first came into the world.  Picture 4-God loved people and wanted to get close to them, but sin separated them from Him, so God sent His Son into the world.  Picture 4=Some people believed Jesus was the Son of God, but other people would not believe and turn from their wicked ways.  Picture 5-Jesus had to die for the sin of the world, as He took the punishment for everyone, so that they could come to God, and go to Heaven when they died.  They nailed Jesus to the cross.  Picture 6-Jesus was put into the grave and stayed there for three days.  Picture 7-The disciples came to visit the grave.  An angel was there and told them that Jesus was not there.  He came to life again.  Picture 8-Because Jesus died and came back to life again, we can have our sins forgiven, and we can now get close to God, and then go to Heaven when we die.